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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tight again'

Why do I have such a difficult time with my band. WHy do I always feel tight. At 2.5 CCS I should be able to eat anything and everything.... I do not know maybe I need to go in and go right down to lowest you can go to and go back up super slowly.

I miss eating. I miss my veggie turkey chilli, turkey meatloaf, pulled pork, lumpy soups.

I guess I am just feeling sorry for myself.. BLAH

On the good side I am still at 221. Yes I would love to be below 220's, but find I lose 5 and plateau, loss 5 plateau.. So will continue on... I have started back to walking and have my fitness goal planned with some good friends we are going to hike a big mountain at Squamish. The picture above is Chief Mountain. Yes it will be a huge challenge SO I need to get this butt in gear..

Any ideas out there???? Anyone else out there super sensitive???

Other news we are officially house hunting... I am soooo nervous about this. I want to buy something that I am going to love and not want to move from. I want to stay there forever. We have such a bad time with moving every year.. Yuck... We saw some pretty nice places. I am thinking next step would be to have my dad come and go through the houses with us.. I just want something I will love and not regret... Freaky is all I have to say.... LOL


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  2. I'm sorry your bummed about your fill. :( Starting over sounds like a great idea. Have you had a fill via flouro? Maybe that could help identify any problems and also help getting a more perfect fill. Good luck with house hunting! I know it's stressful but lots of fun :)

  3. Sorry I am having the opposite problem. I can't seem to find the restriction I need.

  4. Sorry you are having a hard time with your restriction :( They are very fickle at times, these bands! Oh & good luck with your house hunting, I know that can be difficult :o)

  5. I can try and get off early on the 23rd...
    Let me know what happens!