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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pondering life and my band

Not a lot going on. I can drink again, but still have issues with eating.. I had my braces put on last wednesday and man do they complicate life with the band. I have tried to eat but the chewing thing hurts so what is a girl to do.. Tonight I tried to eat a chicken strip and had issues with my band because it hurt to chew and get it into smaller pieces. I am still having issues with solids with my band. Weird I think because I am down to 2.5 ccs in my band. Lordy lordy help me.. Anyways i really want to get these 21 lbs off. I have to admit I have not been working on this whole heartedly. My hubby had been doing well with his weight-loss. He has been exercising everyday and he is below 200 lbs now. I am jealous of this.. LOl.. I want sooo bad to be under 200 lbs. I am lacking in the exercising department but seriously work is so crazy busy that I have not been able to get down stairs to our gym also after work I have kids activities going on and supper and basically ready to relax... Anyways I need to get at the exercise... Keep up all the hard work blogger buddies..


  1. Oh the Braces! I sure remember those as I had them put on in 1996 and because I didn't always follow the rules I had them on until Feb 2002...yep, 6 years but I also had my jaw broken and wired on purpose and that took a major amount of time to heal!

    Hang in there and get some exercise done! LOL


  2. You can do it!! The braces pain will go away soon enough...concentrate on your workouts when you can't eat!

  3. Maybe you can choose foods that are a bit softer to chew during the first few days when you have your braces tightened each time? I have invisialign braces so I understand the pain of eating. :( The first three days are the worst, take tylenol or something for the pain too and it will help. I know you don't want to eat mushies with the band now, but maybe softer stuff like well steamed veggies, and chili, or soft protein like eggs? Just a thought. I will be there soon, on liquids now but I put in a new aligner tomorrow...ouchie!