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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

so sad

So I officially have to start paying for my fills, as my one year after care is up. I am so sad by this a my band is officially empty and it costs $150.00 for a fill..... I will just be starting to fill it again next wednesday... So I am still paying off the surgery and now having to pay for fills and having no results at this time... I really hope there are no other issues because I won't have the money to deal with it... The surgeons talked about going in with a camera but now I am wondering what the cost of that is... SO what to do... Do I just accept that the band has taken me this far and I need to do the rest on my own.... Anyways just letting this off my chest as money is tight right now...


  1. I am coming up on my anniversary too and will have to start paying for fills. I know how you feel.

  2. OK, I am comment challenged today, let's see if this works this time. I was self pay. My provider though for two weeks after my fill would allow me to come back to get a fill/unfill as part of that same visit. This helped. I also found reminding them that I was self pay and paying for it all helped---maybe knowing that you would get a bigger first fill since your band is empty.

  3. I am self-pay too and my fills are $180. I think with your history of reflux issues you probably should not be too filled so maybe just one or two will do the trick?

  4. Michelle - You have made the investment this far and have had amazing results. I would go for the camera to get to the bottom of it. I am going for a fill in the morning of July 20. I am now done into a size 16 & hit 5 months being banded tomorrow! Big hugs!