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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 2

Well I am proud of my food for the day.
Breakfast CHocolate, banana, peanut butter protein shake
lunch 6 inch whole wheat turkey sub
supper a parmesan chicken salad with beats and pears in it. From Earls it was yummy
Dessert a gelato
second snack strawberries and low fat cool whip.

Exercise running around walmart twice probably an hour of walking.


Breaky Whole wheat toast with two egg
Lunch strawberry banana smoothy spinach
snack cheese string, plum
supper salmon, rice and asparagus

Exercise will hopefully be a swim at a pool. First time in a long time.

We are camping in my parents yard.

PS the salmon is fresh from the river. I cannot wait my hubby will be BBQing it. FIrst fresh one of the year.

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