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Friday, September 16, 2011

emergency surgery

So as the title states I had emergency surgery on tuesday night. So as some of you know I had a small fill on wednesday. Things were going well until sunday. I had greek yogurt for lunch after the second small bite I felt my stomach almost twist and close shut. I was in severe pain more then the episode a few months back. I made it home and crawled into bed. I attempted to contact my surgeons office and got a response that same day that they would get me in on wednesday. I also spoke to my lovely nurse Rhonda whom helped me stay calm. Things got worse as the day went on. I was unable to keep anything down saliva included. By monday night I was starting to puke blood and into tuesday. It was then that I got told to get down to the surgeons office.
When we made it to the office she unfilled me completely it felt like nothing had changed so she gave me some water. My tummy re cramped up and I had to get sick. She sent me in that night for surgery. Thank goodness she was the surgeon on call... Not many people know what a lap-band is little own know how to do surgery on it. She wrote up my admission orders adn sent me up.
It was crazy we sat there a whole 4 hours before I got called for just the iv and pain drugs as well as the anti- nauseous meds at the same time they were calling me up for the sugery. So I ended up getting bumped on surgery as the dude who knocks you out would not do my meds until i had some hydration. I was severely dehydrated. My surgery took over four hours and when I woke up found out I had a seriously slipped band that had been slipping over a long period of time and that I had a hernia as well which she repaired.

The events were still fun as the hospital had no beds available and I had to stay in recovery until about noon. I was then moved to maternity ward which they were not to happy about almost got put out in a hallway and by the time last night was here I was begging the dr to let me go home. I was so stressed out. There were so many new babies born and if you are a mom you know that you cannot sleep through one baby sleeping so imagine a whole ward full. I also found out that I was malnourished as well and had to have that added to my iv as well.

So after an extremely long few days I am home to my crazy household. Almost questioning why I came home. I love my kids but they drain me. I have had some great helpers and friend. One who took 3 of my kids for me. So thank you and another who is willing to cook for my family. Love my friends.

So I am home sucking back on liquids trying to get nutrition in, trying to go from morphine to t-3s and suffering a bit there. Hurts to breath as my hernia was up by my lungs and trying to be a good mom.

Band news: It had to be moved not sure where I am assuming up and was told I may not get restriction back, but will have to see. A few things I have noticed is that I hick up again first time since last summer. That yes I am swollen but I feel like it will be ok. I feel like I am going to be ok. I can seriously say that earlier this week I was not thinking I was going to be ok. I felt like my stomach was being ripped out of my body... That something really bad was happening. I love my band but I was thinking that we were going to get a divorce and thought that was only going to be a small part of the problem.

I really hope the next few weeks go well. I am back on my original lap band diet, liquids mushies and then solids. I have to dig up all of my old paperwork. SO any newly banded people out there help an oldster out. LOL.

I think that is everything I again want to thank all of my amazing supportive people in my life and the supportive staff from False Creek Surgical Centre. Especially Rhonda and Dr. Hsu.

SO back to learning to take care of myself.

Not sure what fill I have in now, LOL will know in 6-8 weeks. I go for a follow up with my surgeon in 2 weeks. Thanks for reading.


  1. Hang in there hunny! I hope that you feel better very soon! xxx

  2. What a horrifying experience for you Michelle! Not just what was wrong with you and the effects of putting it right, but your being shoved from pillar to post at the hospital, and how long it took for you to get seen to. I hope those around you continue to support you as they do now to enable you to heal in peace.

  3. Wow Michelle....what an experience! I am shocked that they left the band in quite frankly but they are the Drs not me. I pray that you have no other issues with your band and I am beyond happy that there was no lasting damage to your stomach.

    Try to rest as much as possible!

  4. Wow, I agree with Jacquie,.. I'm surprised it was left in. But it must have been a relief. Praying for a speedy recovery for you!

  5. Wow.. that is scary. Did you have any idea prior to this event that you had slipped the band? Didn't they do a barium swallow/xray before all this? I'm sorry you even dealt w/ being passed around in the hospital. Just crazy.

  6. Oh Michelle- I'm glad that they got you in before things got worse. It sounds really stressful though.
    I hope the band keeps working for you.

  7. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Wow. You are so lucky your surgeon was on call and you got fixed up. Back to basics, but at least you don't have as far to go weight wise. Speedy recovery.

  9. Goodness, that sounds absolutely awful. Really hope you are on the mend and feeling 100% very soon.