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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

whats new hmmmmm

So I am doing ok. I did have some issues. I am still super tight but found out from my surgeon that will happen because of where the hernia was on my stomach. I have been in extreme pain and had to be put on a fentanyl patch. The t-3's were hurting my tummy no matter how much I cut them up.. I am hardly able to get much down. For example my meals for the day are in the am I had a half of a cup of g2 Gatorade, lunch chicken soup broth about a cup and for supper last night I was brave and had really runny mashed potatoes. I got down almost half of a cup. I can have runny cream of wheat, popsicles, pudding and some juices. In the evens after 8 pm nothing really will go down. I am never hungry, never thirsty so really have to remember to drink through out the day. I am really trying to remember everything from the first few week of being a bandster. And again I am in so much pain.... I was not like this the first time around... UGGG. This was my 11th surgery (other things like tonsils and such) but this was by far the most painful. One thing is I cannot wait until I can eat mushies. I have some good things saved up like baked beans and such. Tomorrow I am going to hit up the baby food isle. I also just heard coconut milk is a good choice as well. So that is my goal tomorrow. I have also took my patch off today as I do not want to be on another one for 72 hours. I kind of feel like it is not doing much for me anyways. I guess I will see tomorrow. LOL....

On other news; I am soo excited in the last month we have bought an upright freezer, a smaller apartment freezer and today an extra fridge for the garage. It has been fun stocking them up. We organized the garage and have a black shelf full of case-lot items and I am going to hit that up again tomorrow. In our upright we have loaded it full of meat and m&M meals and the other little freezer we filled with spring salmon. Yummy.. I actually feel ready for winter. I grew up in a community that you could get snowed in and so old habits are hard to stop. oh yeah and if the power goes out we have a generator that will run all that equipment. SO awesome..

Kids have all started hockey, well four out of six have. The fifth one is in figure skating and the sixth one just did not want to join anything this year... So off to another busy year. I really need to get better, lol.. I will be off for sure for another week...

Hope everyone else is doing great...


  1. I am so sorry you're dealing with so much pain. The Surgeon fixed a hernia that I had when he installed my lapband... It sucked but I was thankful that it was gone. I think I may have another one now but so far it isn't that bad. Did you have yours fixed? Did you get a "Free" Tummy tuck with it? I hear lapband paitents pray for hernias since they remove some of the loose skin when they fix them.

  2. I hope you feel better soon Michele!

  3. Sorry to hear of the pain. I hope you start feeling better though.