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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where in the heck have I been.

There has been so much on the go. Busy summer with an even busier fall. Four in hockey, one wants skate board lessons and sixth is in figure skating.  I also have two that will be joining cadets. I have been preparing to join roller derby.  Lol got my gear yesterday.  I really need to get practicing skating but my jaw needs to recupe from surgery.

Other things on the go is I bought a horse. She is beautiful. Love her.  She is a 17 year old Anglo Arabian.  Because of jaw surgery I can't ride for a bit.  I am hoping to get my girls riding more but she tends to act like a boss.  

We are kind of looking for property.  We want a couple acres to have a little farm.

So with this jaw surgery I am on lovely liquids. Lol. Feels like Lapband surgery all over again.  I am liking the weightloss.  The question is how to keep it up after I slowly get back onto solids.    I will try to post a picture. Cross my fingers.   Well I can't get it to work so sad.

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