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Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have a week left of holidays.  They are going way to fast.  I really need to up the exercise.   Well upping it would basically do it.  LOL.  But June is coming fast for my physical challenge of hiking chief mountain..  I have another lovely cold.  Really tired of being sick...

On better notes: I have more tea.  Love my tea.  My hubby also got me a latte maker that just heats and bubbles up the milk.  It is awesome...  I have been having a latte every morning while my band is tight.  I have also been making a lot of ice tea.  I love my little tea set-up.  I don't know what I am going to do when I go back to work...  How am I going to do my tea.  LOL...

So the weight is slowly going back down... I can do this.  Our friend Francis is leaving again on wednesday then time to get rid of all the bad food and back to the basic food.  I need to pay attention to my protein intake.  I know that has not been very high...  So as of thursday lol I will be back to tracking calories and protein.  I actually get full easy and stay full.  But I need to learn to walk away again and quit when I am physically full and not pay attention  to the  mental hungry.  I feel I am at a good place with my band but need to work it properly.  Just feel sooo out of practice.  BACK TO THE BASICS.  

I thought about going in for a bit of an un-fill but I think I am ok..  I can get solids down for lunch and supper.  I just can not get anything down after 8 pm.  Saliva is even slow in the evening but no heart burn and no gagging in my sleep.  I am really just scared of issues so trying to be good with it.

Yeah kids are back in school again tomorrow.  One week with no kids...  Love it..

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  1. BACK TO THE BASICS!!! I like it... you can do it!! : ) We all need that reminder from time to time! : )