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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day five complete nine to go:

So I have officially learned why I did not want a bunch of people knowing about my surgery or people who did not support me. I had a friend call to tell me that one of my past co-workers is planning to go on a diet the same day I have surgery to supposedly prove to me that I can lose the weight with discipline. I am kind of feeling pretty upset about this.. Also this co-worker was stating I was getting my stomach stapled. I wish that before people opened their mouths they would gather all the facts and not just assume or make things up... I told my friend to let my co-worker know challenge on and in five years we will see where we both are. Why would me having this surgery have any bearing on now why she can lose the weight. Why not before the type 2 diabetes and the other health concerns.. Anyways enough of that.

I am doing this for me first and foremost and then for my family... I maybe spending thousands but if it increases my life another 10 to 20 years then I would spend this money several times over.

This band is only a tool I will still need to put the healthy foods in my mouth. I will still have to exercise.. I will just have an added bonus to help me lose and keep the weight off. If I had of succeeded with regular diets I would not be weighing 295 pounds.

Anywhoo only nine days left and tomorrow my day will go fast because I get to go to New Moon.. Come on all you out there lets here a shout for new moon.. LOL I am sitting here now with my hubby watching Twilight getting ready.... LOL

Anyways talk to you all tomorrow...

PS.. I was said I was going to be honest on here so I have to admit I had two small pieces of meat tonight because I was starving... Doing well otherwise..

I also want to thank all of my positive support people out there that dont think I am taking the lazy way out.. THis is still going to be hard work.. I will not let this become a negative experience for me.. Love you all...


  1. Okay...not so nice comment coming but "Screw the co-worker". I'll admit I did something similar with a friend, but it wasn't to prove to her that I could do it without surgery. It was really about wanting to lose the weight along with her but being afraid of having bypass (which is what she had). Well, I lost 125 pounds right alongside her, she lost about 150. Six years later, I was 283 and she was 200 (She started around 340). So your thinking is just's the band that will help me keep the weight off this time and live a healthy life. It's crap that your co-worker just can't be happy for you, but you know what? I'm thrilled for you and I'm sure others are too. So ignore the naysayers - you always got us!

    p.s. Sometimes when people just start blogging, they are doing it for themselves, others are looking for followers. Let me know where you fall. I'd be happy to include you in my next post to start some people reading about your journey! The support for me has been key to my success!

    p.p.s. Sorry for the novel length comment!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment... I am looking for supportive people. So yeah followers sound great.. That sounds so funny.. Anyways I am new to blogging so just getting use to how it all works.. I was happy to get this off my chest in this blog makes me feel better and allows me to move on... She is a past co-worker so I dont have to see her. I am keeping those negative people out... I am looking at the positives not the negatives. Blahh blaah blaah... LOL Again thanks for the comment.. and the positive info...