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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good morning

hey all well a new day has arrived. Not feeling great probably a bug.. Upset tummy and headache with sneezing. Plus I feel like I could go back to sleep..

On another note New Moon was awesome.. I made it through the movie with stopping at a sushi place next to the theatre got some edemame beans and had a frozen yogurt. i did it without any popcorn or pop. Check to one big accomplishment. I also made it through the drive through at Burger King while my hubby and kids eat I had my protein bar. Yes it was a huge challenge but I did it.. Yeah..

I also stopped at walmart and started my supple of post op liquids jello, pudding, yogurt, soups, apple sauce, yummy protein powder, and isopure which is a clear protein drink with only 60 calories.. Yeah feeling like I am getting myself well prepared.

My hubby is out setting up the trailer right now so we can show it to someone who is interested in buying it. I am praying it sells cause it will cover a huge portion of my surgery. Then I wont have much left to pay for.

Again I have to thank my friend and sister Crystal for helping me get the funding for this surgery.. Love you...

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