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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day four with ten days to go::

Well day four of the liquids. I wake up with a really bad headache so took an advil and went back to bed.. Got up and me and the kids cleaned the trailer out.. It looks so good in there. We are hoping to get it sold so that I can pay for part of my surgery.. I have only had one shake so far today and it is 2:30. I need to get another one down.. I had a hot shower and put on some comfy pj's and might put on a good movie... Wishing for popcorn with the movie but not today.. Maybe never again.. Those are some of the emotions and grieving I am having over food this week.. When I think about it though popcorn is one of the things that use to really upset my tummy... Anyways time is slowly going by.. I need to go start a fire because I am getting cold...

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