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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Contract to myself

I am making a contract with myself to get me out of the munching stage... I do not want a munching habit.

- Walk, bike or do an excersize video for 30 mins a day.
- Chart my meals
- only one indulge a day in moderation..

I am really good at the charting of my meal but what I find I am doing is not eating much healthy stuff and filling up on the junky stuff. This has just been since friday. The one that needs a lot of work on is the exercising. I want to get to my goal of the big hike this summer sometime... So i need to get out there...

Have a great day everyone..


  1. Good for you! Just don't feel bad if you mess up or miss exercising one day. Remember the 90% rule - do things right 90% of the time and you will be successful!

  2. It's always good to track food to get back on track. I don't like the idea of doing it forever, but I did it last week because I felt I must be slipping a little.
    Good luck!

  3. With the weather getting nicer, hopefully it will make exercising easier. I'm assuming you'll be walking and hiking to get ready for the big hike.

  4. You too. I hope its easier for you to get out there now Spring is here. Alas, it's the opposite here - we even had rain!!

  5. What do you class as junky??? Perhaps you are being hard on yourself??? On the flip side...more exercise is a good thing

  6. It's really hard being stuck in the house when the weather isn't good. I always find that I eat more if I'm in the house.