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Monday, March 22, 2010

A new day

These are some beautiful flowers from my friend Crystal. She gave them to me last wednesday and they still look amazing. Thank you Crystal...

The sun is shining and looks beautiful out there. So here is my plans for the day.

Cup of freshly juiced veggies- carrots, celery, tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, and an apple
Cup of tea
Sunny boy

half of a chicken wrap with feta Yummy

Turkey cheese wrap

Chicken stew with a biscuit

For exercise I am going to take the kids to town and walk around one mile lake. My kids are off school today for a professional development day. I think they get report cards this week.. I should also get my income taxes back this week. Yeah..


  1. dont you love feta? I have only been eating it for about a year but now I throw it in about everything!

  2. Yes I love feta. It makes everything taste a bit better. LOL

  3. I didn't know you followed me over from LBT! Aww...Now I really feel like kindred spirits. But I already did, too. For me it was the water bottle. I do hope it gets there soon - but no matter what, I will make sure you get one (and no, won't accept more $).

    Glad to be back - although I have tons to catch up on!

    Sorry, glossing over the diet of the day in your blog. I will do this whacky diet for the pre-op but I'm going to eat like a human once I'm back on solid foods post-op. Will blog about that tomorrow.

    I'm so glad and relieved that all the tests were normal! I'm glad you are feeling better!

    And I love the new look of the blog!


  4. Enjoy your day! Hope all is well!


  5. Those flowers are so beautiful.

    Good for you for getting out and doing some exercise. Great menu for the day too.