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My accomplishments with the mean old scale....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My meals for the day:::

Please be aware I am not a pro at posting multiple pictures yet so lets see how this turns out...

SO what we have here in this mess is my food. Looks like it posted after to before. Lol so for Breaky was two eggs with green onions and canadian back bacon and 2 cut up strawberries. Supper was homemade chilli with lots of veggies, buckwheat and johnny cake.. It was yummy by the way... They were both served on small plates. So hope my restriction stays the same will know in a couple of weeks. Oh yes for lunch we ate out I had 2 perogies. Yes I said 2. Crazy lol... So that is my food for today. For a snack later I may have a smoothy will see how hungry I get.

I have read others blogs about their obsession with food and I have to agree that I think of food all day and possibly all night. I also obsess about restriction do I have it do I not and I obsess about how long will I be obsessed about food and restriction and weight loss. I am just plain obsessed as I also posted in my last Blog.. LOL

Well all another day has passed and so tomorrow is weigh in day feeling pretty nervous. So I am crossing all my fingers and toes. EEEEKKKK...

PS for my 50 lbs lost goal I think I am going to get my nose pierced.. TEEEEHEEEE



  1. Looks yummy. You should be happy that you left food on the plate. A little plate! Something must be working.

  2. Hey Michelle - send me an email at about the water bottles...

  3. Thanks for posting this. It's nice to actually "see" the quantity of food. I am still a bit iffy on that, as I had my first fill Monday and can still eat more than 1 cup of food & I can eat bread - nothing feels different :(