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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

She had me at the first poke..

Well my fill went awesome. My hubby got to see the whole process which was really awesome... The Dr. only had to poke me once. They almost did not give me a fill because I had lost 7 lbs in a month. I almost begged. I can still eat about a 1.5 cups of food at a time and am hungry within in 2 hours. That is without drinking water for over an hour after I eat. So I was given a teeny weeeny fill, .25 ccs. I am happy I got it. Will see how this fill goes. If I feel the same I will try to get in, in a month. I know I am getting close but also know I am not there yet. SO I have a total of 5.25 ccs in my 10 cc band.

I am so close to 40 lbs gone I can taste it so I pray this fill helps me out. I am also already planning my 50 lbs lost so need to get this show on the road. On the way down to my appointment I told my hubby that this summer I want to hike the Chief mountain at Squamish. It is up hill and about 8 kms so I need to get this exercise thing up and on...

Tomorrow I have a big day I want to go and pick some pussy willows as they are ready. I will also be buying my new bike tomorrow. So excited.. I will post pics when I get it... I also have to get my hubby to help me expand the dog pen now that winter is pretty much over, the dogs need more space to run..

Well all have a great night....

PS I love my band...


  1. It's so exciting to hear when someone is in such a good place with the band. You'll be down 40 then 50 really soon - especially with the fill and riding your bike. Keep up the good work.

  2. This is exciting to think about, I agree. I can't wait until I get some restriction!

  3. Wow! Almost at 40? That's awesome! I bet you will be there in no time!

  4. Hi Michelle!

    Thanks for visiting me. You are doing so well on your journey. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. You have the cutest blog! My favorite thing is that little owl on the left side :)


  5. Way to go Michelle! Keep it up sista!

  6. You are doing so well....that hike sounds like a great goal. I loved your comment on my blog about salmon patties with feta and spinach...they sound so yum...might have to have a play around and make some here myself. Will let you know how I go