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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not nice weather

Will I ever look like this chick and be able to crack a jar with my thighs??? Probably not but I will still give it my all. LOL

Well it is not the greatest weather. It is raining so there is not a chance I will be going out on my bike and since I sprained my ankle bad on my wii board I have not got back on it like a horse. I am kind of nervous to... So today I pulled out an old work out dvd just to say I did some exercise.. I have to admit that I like this video. I have a couple more Dance off the inches and another one that I have to find the disc for. I would like to find the yoga for dummies because they are simple for me.. I have a really hard time with eye body cordination and the dummy videos really work for this dummy LOL..

I have read on Amy's blog about the heart rate watch but seem confused now. Should I be going for the body bugg with all the bells and whistles or the watch. I am thinking the watch maybe more practical because I already track all my food on my iphone and so I would just add my calories burned from my watch to my food program rather then 2 different gadgets. By the way I love gadgets..

Also I have read on a couple blogs about zumba I will have to google that. But hey all you out there that do Zumba what the hay is that?????

Well anyways here is the food for the day what I have eat and what I will be eating today.

Sunny Boy Mush
multi vitamin

Half hour of pilates

apple sauce

AMys organic soup


Chicken cordon blue

protein drink to keep up my protein

That is only about 1000 calories.

Hope everyone has a gooder day....


  1. Zumba is a Latin dance class. You do the Marenge, samba etc.... It is so much fun and you sweat your fanny off. You can also dance at your own pace. When my daughter taught the class I managed to finish it but I didn't do all the crazy jumping and bumping. You really shake your booty! Go to and you can find an instructor in your area. Good luck!

  2. C25K is a downloadable podcast for your mp3 player and it teaches a non-runner like myself, to run a really works!

  3. Yeah I love Amy's organics too! And you got me now, what in the world Sunny boy mush?????

  4. It is a like cream of wheat but with more whole grains.. I am going to download the couch to 5k on my phone as well and look up Zumba. Sound interesting...

  5. I was feeling guilty that I hadn't got onto the Wii Fit. But since you sprained your ankle doing it, maybe it is too dangerous for me :-)

    It's mild here, the snow is almost gone and it is supposed to rain this weekend. I hope to get outside though to enjoy this warmth.

  6. Crack a jar with your thighs --- LOL

  7. Sorry about your ankle. Good job on not using it as an excuse for not exercising and still trying to find something to do.

  8. Love your blog! And I love Chicken Cordon Blue, it's the bomb!