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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So this is restriction????

Well I think if my fill stays as is I can honestly say I am at my sweet spot. I can barely eat a cup of food at a time and I am now staying full longer. So yes my fill was just yesterday so we will see in two weeks if this sticks.. I can feel water slowly going through as well. I actually won't mind if it it is swollen and is does go down just a bit... I almost feel like the food is in there too long and am feeling like a mild heart burn feeling.. HMMMM

Tonight as I sat here and eat my canned beans in tomato sauce with mashed potatoes, I was actually grieving not being able to gobble my food down anymore. I sat here thinking that is never going to happen ever again. I will never go out to a pasta joint and hork out on my favorite dish. I will never devour a cheese burger and so on you get the picture. So tonight I am saying goodbye to those days and hello to the small servings. I know the big servings got me fat but dang I will miss those days.

Anyways no one ever told me being a soccer mom was full time job. We have fundraisers up the wazooo. Two nights of practice and then the tournaments. Woozers.... So I am off to type up some soccer stuff. Goodnight all.. Will see how this fill affects my weight on friday... I think I am going to stick to liquids and mushies for a few days. I do not want to get any tighter then I already am... Scary stuff...


  1. I hope you DO get to keep that restriction! I'm a few months into this now and am definitely having a period of time where I wish I could gorge on food. I want a big plate of nachos...and want to be able to inhale it. Physically? I can't. While it makes me crave the "good ol' days," I just keep in mind that THIS is why I got the LapBand. Although I miss my food and gorge sessions, this is exactly what I need to be doing.

  2. I got my first fill today and wow too tight restriction is kinda scary... I had to get 1ml out as it was too tight!!!! hope the restriction settles to just the perfect amount ! xxx

  3. Yeah.. I hear you on the sadness knowing you can't have another cheeseburger (actually, maybe we can, we just eat the inside?) But hey, just think about it. When you're a skinny-minni you won't WANT the burger. Being thin is so much more fun :)

  4. yeah for restriction!! I felt that way about the food last night. I wanted to eat more, but I knew it wouldn't fit. Isn't weird to be sad about that??

  5. Glad you have gotten the right amount of restriction! I'm hoping that with my fill #3 on Monday, I will be one step closer to where you are now!

  6. Perfect! Sounds like the sweet spot for sure!

    I know what you mean about grieving the old way of eating. Then again, last night I ate two tacos with no problems! (My sweet spot has faded...)

  7. I know I'll miss the pasta and cheeseburgers too, but I also can't wait to be thin and my hope is when I see the numbers on the scale dropping, that my longing for those foods will somehow cease.

  8. I just got a fill on Wednesday and am full from the one cup of chili I just had at lunch. I too was mourning not being able to shove food in my mouth but don't think I will even miss it.

    We were out for dinner on the weekend and my DH and the other couple scarfed down their entire plate of food before I had even finished my allotted half serving (took the other half home). I was almost waiting for them to start licking their plates! On the way out they mentioned that the servings weren't that big (I had my half serving in a bag) but that they felt satisfied. We had brownies and ice cream back at my house.

    So it is funny that I used to eat like that too. I think the slow and chew, chew, chew is really making me realize how I never really thought about the food. It made me feel good emotionally and now I get to feel the food, if you know what I mean. Happy restriction!

  9. Congrats on the restriction! I hope it stays with you.

  10. Wow, I hope this is it! That would be so awesome!! I can understand the sadness. But take the cheeseburger and wrap it in lettuce and leave the bun off. You might still be able to eat some of it, and if the burger is good, you can save the rest for another meal. I hope there's a way to still eat a burger on occasion. I don't eat many but if you tell me I can never have an In-N-Out burger again, I'd be wailing. I'm fine with not eating the whole thing and eating it on lettuce instead of on a bun (surprisingly it's better that way, I learned)...but I gotta be able to get a bite on occasion!


    I sure hope this is the sweet spot!

    And I hope the soccer mom stuff doesn't get too crazy. I can only imagine having to take your kids in six different directions. Fun stuff!!!

  11. I think the grieving of food is the hardest for me to wrap my head around! I love eating and fast! I was told that you need to appreciate what your eating and take your time! COming from a damn skinny biatch! Whatever!