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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Only .3 of an unfill

Good afternoon everyone out in bandsterland... I had .3 of a cc removed. I really thought there would be more. I was down 7 lbs in one week on their scale crazy stuff. I guess when you can not eat hardly anything you lose weight. I was getting in 600 to maybe 800 calories a day. Nuts.. I hope my stoma starts to feel all better soon..

Great news though I have hit my 50 lbs weight-loss. Yeah me. Congrats and all the rest of it. I am sooo proud of myself. Above is my reward a hiking backpack, hiking boots and some nice sandals. I have real problem with shoes I have a high arch, and wide foot. I can never find cute shoes. I can only where asics for runners, keens for dress shoes (if you can call them dressy) and usually just flip flops for summer. Lucked out today on these bad boys.. We also bought tennis rackets we are going to pretend we know what we are doing and go have fun. We are suppose to practice tonight on the wii. LOL I also want to get a badminton set for the backyard. It is big enough then the kids would also have fun with it..

PS I hate fundraising we still have a long way to go for our soccer team to buy uniforms.. Have a great night all..

Also I wanted to give a big blogger welcome to my friend Nella she was banded at the same centre as me and has just started a blog here. Please help support her by following her journey.

Nella I am not to helpful on the ticker part our computer tecky friend did it. You could post that you need help on your blog and hopefully someone can be more helpful then I am right now.. Sorry...


  1. Oh congrats on reaching 50 pounds weight loss. That is a huge milestone.
    Laughed at your tennis crack lol I know the feeling. We go out and pretend we know what we are doing!
    Hope the unfill helps. That sounds awful, what you've been through.
    Cara x

  2. Great job on the 50!! I also joined Nella's site last night.

  3. Congrats on 50!! Good luck with the unfill.

  4. Michelle, you rock!
    And you LOOK HOT!
    Keep it up sunshine!