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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

90 awesome followers

Thank you whoever is following my journey. I am in awe at the amount of support on here... ALSO IF I AM NOT FOLLOWING YOU PLEASE LEAVE A LINK IN MY COMMENTS SO I CAN BE FOLLOWING YOU AS WELL.

For band news I am back at 5 ccs. So little compared to most but that works for me. I am pretty scared to go up from there. Possibly when I am down another 10 lbs I will need a bit more but find this is my sweet spot. I fill up early but have noticed I am hungry sooner then before the unfill of .7ccs. So maybe just a tweek in a few weeks. I have noticed the scale move. I think I will be down officially 2 lbs in a week. A number I will take after no movement for two weeks. I am feeling great since the fill. My toe is healing slooooowly.. I just want to wear runners then I am back on those trails. I at least found a pair of flip flops that are comfortable to walk long distance in... Even better is that they are just cheap walmart flops. I am hoping to track down another pair of these bad boys..

Lots going on, on the personal front. We got a small utility trailer from my dad and on the first trip we were on it bounced off the ball and slammed into our truck destroying the tailgate. It was freaking watching it whip around on the back of the truck. There was a car behind us with a baby. I was so scared and stressed. We turned around and dropped it off at my friends as we were going down their hill it came off again and more damage to our truck. So not happy.. SO that will cost our $300.00 deductable.

Further into the weekend we went to Kamloops and have been thinking about saving for a used travel trailer because we now have the denali to pull it with. We saw some 1990 ones for $10000.00 but thought we would go to the dealers and check out other trailers. We saw some nice new ones but did not want that kind of debt. They did not even show us the one used one they had sitting there. We need one with a bunk in it due to the six kids. SO we left and the next day they call back someone traded in a 2004 bunk with a triple bunk 25 feet long everything but a/c in it and that they could finance it for us. See we were discharged from bankruptcy almost for years ago so I am very cautious with our credit now and it has also made it harder to get our credit back.

SO yes we went and picked up this gently used trailer. Looks brand new on the inside. Sleeps 9 and is perfect. I plan on getting it paid off in a year. I do not like the high interest rates. But we are so excited about camping. I have been practicing backing up and parking it. I also have been out pulling it. I want to be able to go camping when my poor hubby has to work on the weekends.. I am planning to go this weekend with the kids. Starting to get nervous. Need to work on starting the generator and hooking up the hitch and such. I can do it I can do it. I know I can.

My youngest son and daughter stayed at Lytton with their aunty and she put them in the May days parade and they came in third place. They looked so cute. Pictures to follow. Little behind. Must be because of the weather. SO off I go to try and catch up.. Missed it on here. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

PS I can not wait till the kids are finished for the summer. SO close.
Also I am soo close to 60 lbs gone forever.. I so want to go and get check to see if I qualify for a breast reduction it would make exercising so much easier. Well tata for now folks..



  1. Love reading about your journey!

  2. I would be scared to go camping without "the man" lol, so good luck with that! Sounds like you guys are going to have a fun summer, travel trailers look fun!

  3. I wish I could afford a trailer. We love to camp and I am happy in a tent, but a trailer would make things so much easier.

  4. All sounds so awesome. Glad you are at the sweet spot although troubling that it is making you hungry between meals. But hey, the scale is moving so it must be all good!

    Crazy about the utility trailer! I'd be freaked out, too!!

    Awesome about the travel trailer. Jealous. Again!

    And I can't wait to see pics!

    Keep that toe healing!!! (Yay for flip flops!!!!!!)

  5. You'll get to 60 down in no time! I'm sure being freaked out uses extra calories.

  6. Link to my page!! You're doing wonderfully! Keep up the awesome work!