Small Goal

My accomplishments with the mean old scale....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A fill tomorrow.

I am so happy so very very happy. I also weighed myself and I am still down 55 lbs.. Did not gain any weight over these last two weeks. I am seriously doing the happy dance.. Yeah....

I hope I get the .7 ccs back in.. I would love to go back to .5 to 1 c food.. Back to 1200 calories rather then today 1800 calories. Maybe these two weeks will give my metabolism a boost. I so can taste the 60 lbs gone.. Please Please LOL..

I forgot to mention that I went into a M.A.C store which is a makeup store here in Canada. I have never ever really worn makeup.. I have tried and hated how it looked. So I went in there and they did it all I looked HOT.. LOL So I ended up buying $350.00 in makeup.. Well holy poop.. But I am trying to put it on at least when I go out of the house. I am starting to take more pride in my appearance. That has been a long time coming. Even as a child or a young teen. I was always in a big hoody with baggy jeans. I was always had my hair in a pony tail and it kind of got worse as I had kids. Kids came first. I am starting to feel like I come first.. I am focused on this I can do this and I am doing this... I love my makeup..

On another note I have my first candle party to put on.. I am sooo nervous. I can not wait to have it over with. I should have a couple more this month..

I really hope everyone is doing awesome.

I am sooo happy I get my fill tomorrow. I will miss not being able to shove everything I mean everything into my mouth, then again maybe not.. LOL.. I love restriction.. I am also going to hit the trails again this weekend.. Need to get my body going..


  1. Yeah for the fill and yeah for the discovering the new you.. a girl needs to invest in herself.. it does wonders for us.. love to play with makeup and try new things..
    Let us know how the fill goes.. we are there with you..

  2. MAC is such a great store. You should post pics of you all dolled up!

  3. I just read thru your blog start to finish! What a journey! You live in a beautiful area and have a lovely family (that keeps you very busy!) :) Taking care of yourself does wonders for your self-esteem and keeps you fueled to take care of others. Your pix look awesome!!! You are doing great!!! Hope the toe feels better soon. Ow!

  4. The days I put on makeup and attempt to make my hair look nice are usually my best days. I used to think it was just easier to go sloppy and no makeup. Now I realize it makes me feel better. I just bought the new mineral makeup and love it. Expensive, but I never buy stuff for me very much.

  5. Happy dancin right there with ya! That's awesome!

    Pride in appearance is good! I wonder if I'll ever get there. For me, it's a time thing. I'd rather sleep. :)

    I hope the candle party goes well! I'm sure it will!

    Have fun on the trails!

  6. Ohhh you know how much I love MAC!
    Its been about a year or so that I started putting makeup on and now I am loving it! Release your inner HOTNESS baby! Have a great fill today and lets chat later alligator!

  7. Yea for the fill. 60 lbs down here you come.

  8. Oh lots going on with you - love the excitement in your post! Good luck with EVERYTHING!!!!

  9. Oh I love MAC makeup! I think I dropped about $350 the last time I was in there as well...not too hard to do there!

  10. JELOUS!!!!!!!!! I WANT SOME MAC! I love that stuff!!! We have to go when I come see you!

  11. Hope the fill goes ok and congrats on the make up...step by step deserve it