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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is me

So exciting lol I was looking over where I had my surgery and they have a before and after picture of me up. So exciting. I am also down this morning 57 pounds. Holy poop.. Love it.

I am publicly saying I am making a goal of being down 60 lbs for my 6 month post surgery goal. That will be June 2. I know it does not seem like a lot but my losing has slowed down.. SO broken toe or not I am going out for a walk around the lake. Try getting in my 4 kms in flip flops.

I have to do this. For my goal gift I will be going into get my hair colored again. I did that at the 40 lbs gone.

Do you know the one thing that I love about losing the weight??? It is going into a bathroom and being able to the none handicap bathroom and having the room to close the door without hovering over the toilet. LOL

Anyways just had to share.


  1. Glad to hear your toe is healing and even more so to see you on the success stories website! If you even had the slightest trace of doubt in how you were doing, those pictures prove your amazing transition. Way to go - you're famous for being skinny! :)

  2. Awesome! You are famous now :P

  3. WOW! You are a success story! You look FANTASTIC and so much YOUNGER than the before pic. Why is that?

  4. That's awesome! Woohoo!!!

    And you can totally hit 60 by June 2!

  5. Your before and after pictures are amazing. I'm stunned at the change in you. Very well done!

  6. Just read it! Very cool indeed!

  7. That must be an awesome feeling to see yourself as a success story.

  8. Great job on the loss! You are doing very well!

  9. How awesome! You must feel fantastic, congrats to you Michelle.

    Inspirational stuff!