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Saturday, October 2, 2010

busy weekend

Well as always another busy weekend. Guides and brownies no hockey thank goodness. We have 5 boxes of girl guide cookies to sell and I have to admit I have nibbled on a few of them. They were counted into my calorie count.

We still have another busy day tomorrow. This includes a 2.5 hour drive to Chilliwack for my nephews birthday. Then back home. Can you say tiring especially when I have still got this cold. It has moved into my chest. I hate hacking up crap..

Then on monday I start work. I found the website I was looking for that has books and activities for working with children, but the cost of just some of the stuff I want is up into $900.00. HHMMMM I am hoping I get a budget to buy some of my own resources.

So all in all we just seem to be busy, busy, busy.. I cannot wait to see some of my family that I have not seen in awhile.

This fill has really relaxed now. So I may think about going in for another fill in a month or so. I am also going to request a consult with a surgeon that does the plastic surgery for the breast reduction. I really realized again why I wanted it when I did the circuit program we had to do jumping jacks well my girls hurt. They hurt bad. LOL. So yes part of them are going to go. The waitlist is suppose to be 6-8 months. That is a long time but it also gives me time to lose some more weight.

I still have not lost anything. Kind of gets me a little angry but this too shall pass and so will the weight. I have exercise classes 4 days again next week. Man some of my muscles still hurt. Mostly the ones around my hips. So I should get off this computer and stretch. So take care everyone..


  1. Mmmm... GG cookies! I miss them. The ones in the States just aren't the same. Do they still have just the chocolate & vanilla ones in Canada?

    Regarding your reduction, I had one 8 years ago (before I was SO big & before the band, obviously). Best move I ever made. Though now, when I lose, I'm gonna need a serious LIFT!

    Robin at Band on the Run

  2. Hi Michelle, that is great you made the decision about the reduction. Good news too about the job and your exercise program!

  3. Good for you with all the exercise Michelle! I hope you find some time to rest so that you feel better! Good luck at work on Monday!

  4. Are you bringing some cookies to sell tomorrow? It will be nice to see you :)

  5. I sometimes wear two bras when I exercise! But for me, the boobs aren't the thing. It's the tummy! I think I'll want some plastic boobs are getting a bit droopy but even worse is my lower belly - I feel like it totally flaps! I've heard people refer to this part as an apron and that sends shudders through me!

  6. I remember selling those GG cookies myself. That is a long drive to Chilliwack. Even from my place it's about an hour, hour and a half. I love Chilliwack, but don't go there often because of the drive.

    My g-friend got a reduction and she is so, so, so, happy with the results. You will love it.