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Sunday, October 31, 2010

i fit them

Back in the early summer my friend Crystal bought me these joggers from Forks Washington. I wanted the team Jacob ones. So she surprises me with a size medium jogger. i just laughed at here and said when are you hoping I will fit in those bad boys. She just said you will. LOL.. So today I tried them on again and guess what they fit. Could be a bit loser but they are on and comfortable. SO I took pictures. I will have to send some pictures to her. I cannot believe it, probably because when I see myself in the mirror I think have not lost much weight. I can see it in pictures but yeah all in the learning.. Again got to love the wet hair doo.. LOL.. I am soo lazy on weekends.


  1. Congrats :o)

    But they should be Team Edward pants :P

  2. Congrats Michelle, that's fantastic.
    I'm with Sam though :o)

  3. You look great but its team Edward all the way for me!

  4. Wow! You look so good Michelle.TC