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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not sure what to title this

Running out of creative yet boring titles to add to my blogs lol... I am finding that my band is on the tighter side. I actually cannot explain it. I can eat fine. I eat one to one and half cups of food a meal. The only thing is if I eat close to bedtime I drowned in the food. I wake up coughing and gagging. I also have heartburn seems like all the time again.. Food goes through ok it is just this heartburn. What is up with that. I like the restriction I have now. I can eat solids and liquid fine. So why the heartburn. I bought some new heartburn meds see how that goes.

Job front things seem to be going ok. I can say at this point that I do not love my job, but I guess I do like some aspects of it. I really like working at 2 of the 3 schools. I am just not sure the reason why I do not like the 3 school. Could be the dynamics or the energy of the school I do not know. But I will keep on plugging away at it.

Also this weekend my friend Chrissy came over and we had a weekend of pampering for my birthday. I had a cut, highlight, pedicure, waxing and facial. I felt awesome and had a great time. Hey maybe I already posted that. LOL oh well.

I am starting to get nervous about my aftercare from where I had my surgery as my one year of aftercare is up on Dec 2. I have had such an issue with my band being too tight and heartburn what will I do if I continue to have issues after the one year is up.. Hmmmm food for thought...

I am hoping to loss at least another 10 lbs before my 1 year anniversary. I am sooo proud of myself for where I have come so far. I am in a large in some sizes tops to xl top and a 16 jeans from jean warehouse one. Or whatever that store is called.. I am really just sooo proud...

I also talked to a doctor here at Lillooet and I can go in, in a week and get the paperwork started for a possible breast reduction.

I kind of have another issue my flabby skin is starting to cause problems for me. I had a bad skin infection under it. Had to go on meds for it. So now how to deal with that. I already powder it but need to figure out something else now... Hmmmm

Well hope you are all good. I am going to go and read a few blogs now.

PS Rhonda if you are reading this please get in touch with me.

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  1. I had similar difficulties to you with skin, and was told, and later discovered it to be true, that it's the powder that's the problem, because it stops the air getting to the skin. Try a few days without talcum, it might get better.

  2. I always wondered what happens after the year...we paid so much freakin money! I have been there twice for two fills in 8 months!

    Did you do your taxes and try and claim the medical expense???

  3. Never thought about the year date and what that might mean. I read through your last few posts and see that you are VERY BUSY crazy right now. New jobs can be tough. I'm so tired from my new job I can barely stay awake during the day. I feel like a zombie. :) Hope it works out or things work out with your old job. Hang in there...sometimes a little change shakes things up in a surprising new way!