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Sunday, October 17, 2010


That is all I have to say about that. LOL... No really I am just soooo tired. Two weeks down at the new job. I have got to sit down with my one up and let her know that I am feeling very overwhelmed and feel like I am expected to pack a wand around and tap all the poor little kiddies on the shoulder and pofff they are fixed. So we went over what I felt my position would be and she agreed so that is really good. She also said that she was going to be speaking with the principles to let them all know our counsellors positions and expectations. So I guess I feel a bit better. I did phone up my old boss to let her know that I may have her put my name in for the open position and would get back to next week if I feel like things are not working out. But I do have to admit I did feel a bit better after to speaking to my one up employer.

Band news no scale movement but I know it will come. The stress of a new of a new job will affect that and I am moving around more. I have to admit the pilates and fitness class have gone caput because I am soooo tired after working and driving kids around.. Hmmmm how to fit it all in.. I did go through a bit of a tight spell but it has worked it self out...

Other news I went and pampered myself for my birthday weekend. I had my hair done, toes, and a facial. I went with my really good friend. The day was great. We even hit the movies. I have a hard time taking in compliments because my friend, hair dresser and aesthetician were full of them.. I even got to walk through whistler and look at clothes that would fit.

My friend is suppose to be coming over again next weekend to go shopping I really want a pair of boots to where with a nice skirt and tights. I hope I can find a pair wide enough to fit my calf.
Well now that I have bored all of you. I am going to read some posts and hit the sack.. Goodnight all... UGGGG it is monday tomorrow..


  1. Well Michelle...I know you have supported me and the kids...and moved from place to place...for my work... I am doing what I love... cause when i did change my work place and when i didn't like it ... you supported my decision to go back to where i felt comfortable and to where i loved to work...but ... i know how you felt at your last work place...has things changed there...maybe one thing changed...i don't know...commuting...early days and late dont need to work...but i see it as time for you to get out of the places changes...people move yes you do need to do something that you love doing...decisions...decisions...decisions...hmmm...don't know if you rushed into this job...cause it seemed out of the blue...but you have been doing it for 2 weeks now...i think if you use your own judgment on this will be ok...just saying...anyhoo...I love you...gonna hit the sack after the news...Leonard

  2. 74lbs! Oh my gawd, you are on your way to BANDSTER SUPERSTARDOM SISTA!

    Its been a crazy, dance, drama, more hockey, drums and then a wee bit of time for MOI!