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Monday, October 11, 2010


Thanksgiving dinner was awesome last night... We had it all. I enjoyed my little plate along with a piece of pie. I have lots to be thankful for an awesome family, great friends, we have everything we need and more. What is everyone else thankful for.

Yesterday we also took off to kamloops and watched a movie. We watched that new one may i come in or something like that. It was an ok movie.

what else can I say besides I am still struggling with my new job. This has nothing to do with my band but I need to get this off my chest. SO if you want to stop reading do it now. LOL. So you know prior to getting my job I was asked to put my resume back in at my old job. I left this job over a year ago do to being burned out and dealing with my 6 kids, child protection position and my husband living 3 hours away and only home on days off. When I was asked to put my name in I realized I am in a way better position. Len is home now he would be able to help me out. I would be back with my friends, back where I know what is expected, back to things that I am accustom too. Yes this job was not all full of happy things and there was things that concerned me but I do loved this job. I just became extremely burnt out. The other not so great thing is I would have a 45 min drive every morning and night. I have kids in after school activities how is that going to work out. So hmmm..

This new job is such a change. I do not have a lot of counselling experience and stated that at my interview. I also said that some situations I would not work with. I was very open about myself because I do not need this job. I just wanted to go back to work. I was getting bored with sitting at home waiting for my husband and kids to come home. I also had guilt about the cost of my surgery. I pay $500.00 per month right now for another 4.5 years and want to get that paid off. I just feel that at one of the schools they are looking for a miracle worker. I have been asked to do a workshop for the staff on a subject I know nothing about so I will be letting her know that is not something I have experience with. THere is other things about this school as well but wont go into any detail on here.

So what is it really, do I just want what is familiar and comfortable, or do I truly not fit this job or am I just really scared of change. It could be anything.

Do I phone my old job and let them know that I will give this job a month to see how it goes and then if I cannot seem to adjust then I will consider going back there. Or what. I also spoke with another agency and they would like me to cover a one year maternity leave as well. So I definitely have options. Maybe that is another problem for me. Too many choices and I just want to be in the job that I will love.

Anyways hope all my canadian friends are having a wonderful long weekend and turkey din din. Take care all..

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  1. Happy thanksgiving!

    Hard to know about the job. My first thought is that your old job would be really difficult because of the commute. It sounds like it would take you away from home for about 10 hours a day which would be really hard with your big family.

    But I think you have pretty good instincts about the current job and it doesn't sound like the best fit. Maybe you should put some feelers out there and see what other options you can come up with.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you Michelle. Interesting on the job front. I do know one thing...burn out is not good. Do a pro and con list. That always helps me out. A definite con for me would be that 45 minute drive times two....HUGE CON - for me anyway. Your situation has changed with hubby being home...Pro...oh, it's just so hard to make a decision sometimes, isn't it? Do what is best for you.

  3. Well my suggestion would be, if you are only working to have something to do with your free time then you might as well have a job that you thoroughly enjoy. So I would go with the job that is the least stressful and the most enjoyable. I say try it out and see how it goes. The worst case scenario is that you don't like it and you move onto something else.

    Good luck though!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! It is good that you have so many options. I agree that you should follow your instincts.

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.