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Monday, November 8, 2010

It is my last day for the next 3 days

SO I have 3 days left of work. One last day in each of the three schools I work in. I really do not want to go to this one today.. SOmething about this place just does not sway well with me. SO I am nervous and freaked out.. I am on the verge of tears.. I would just love to call in that I am not going to because I have 10 kiddies to say good bye tooo.. Uggg.

Wish me luck.

Band news. I can eat everything and get hungry fast. I go back for a fill next wednesday. I am sooo happy to be done with the heart burn. I love sleeping through the night... Ya...

Off to work I go..

Ps Sorry about your computer Amy...


  1. So hard to say goodbye---I wish you strength and luck!

    You are coming up on your 1 year anniversary--you have done amazingly well. Good luck with your fill also!

  2. Yay for no heartburn! Hopefully your fill will take care of the hunger though.

    Good luck with your last few days of work :)