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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Un-Fill, and I am a solid 16 now..

So I had 3 ccs taken out. I am down to 2 ccs, 1 cc less then I had a surgery. On the way home I had mcdonalds. Bad yes I know but it was a long day and I was tired and hungry and just wanted to get home. I had a happy meal and could only eat half of it... So that is good. I just know that right now I am starting to get hungry again 4 hours later..

I can go back in 2 weeks to start to filler up again.. They do not believe it was a slipped band so we will see how the next two weeks play out.

I also had some excitement while at the clinic. I got brought into see the allergan Lap-band rep. They were having a meeting at the clinic and I was asked to go and share some of my experience. It was pretty exciting. Rhonda our awesome nurse there calls me her poster child. I am also on their blog and website for before and after shots. It sounded like they had all looked at my pictures as well. I felt so proud of this. I also wore my new black skirt with my boots. I still am building my confidence and did feel a bit uncomfortable with my outfit on but I did wear it. I just have to get use to it...

Today I was also at old navy and tried on some jeans cause dang they were only 15.00 so I brought in the 16 and 18's and the 16's fit perfectly... I am sooo happy that is 3 stores that I fit the 16s so I am officially saying I am a size 16 now..

Also while I was there at old navy there was a clerk there and I was telling her that I was so happy to be wearing a size sixteen compared to a size 24 and she was like how did you do it. I told her straight out I had lapband surgery and went on to tell her all about it. She wants to look into it.. I told her to go to False Creek Surgical Centre so I hope she does. LOL..

Hmmm what else well my long arse day of driving like 8 hrs in total has lead me to have a massive migraine. So I am off to a bubble bath and bed.. Sorry peeps no energy to read posts tonight. Will be back at it again tomorrow..


  1. I'm glad it wasn't a slipped band; hopefully with the unfill you'll be feeling better.

    Congrats on the 16's! It's nice that you're able to talk about your lapband with perfect strangers, and hopefully inspire them to do something about their weight as well.

  2. So great that they dont think it was a slipped band. You will do great until you start to get filled again - I'm in the same situation - going next week to get more in (though mine was a stuck episode.. they think.. not a slipped band worry.)

    Big congrats on hitting that 16. So great for you..... good stuff!

  3. Great news on the 16s! That is a big milestone - hello normal sizes!

  4. It sounds like you still have pretty good restriction depsite the unfill. Maybe you don't need to be so full?

    Good job with the 16's!