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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 more sleeps

So lol I have so not stuck to that ideal protein plan. I ate chicken the other night and had some issues with it so now I am sooo tight.. I put myself back on liquids so I can at least eat turkey dinner. LOL.. I do not want to cook all day and not get to eat. LOL... It has been a year and I still feel like I am learning. I have been stuck for a while at 75 lbs lost. I really need to get over this plateau. I have to be honest I have not been a great eater.. I have been indulging a bit, well maybe a bit tooo much. I feel like crap because of it. Not guilty just physically. I need to get back to eating better. Sooo I maybe pulling out my juicer and getting back on to the healthy stuff again.. I do not want to sound like a cliche but I will back on a plan in the new year and this is not a new years resolution. It is because I will be back to work and in a structured environment. I will be able to stick to a plan. I also need to get rid of all the junk food in the house. I need all the ice cream to disappear. You know I also kind of blame this time of the year. I struggle with the change in weather and kind of get the winter blues. It will get better though. I have faith and know I will be on the right track soon.

Other news my headaches have back off a bit. I saw an orthodontist and my headaches are from my bad overbite which has aggravated my tmj. I am currently on a muscle relaxer and and topical antiflamitory to put right on my jaw. I believe it is working... I go in for braces in January. LOL 36 and in braces. LOL.

Well my dogs just finished getting groomed and I have to go pick them up..

Happy Holidays everyone..


  1. I am glad the headaches are backing off. As for braces at 36, don't worry about that. My mom had them at 45. She was so glad she did it!

    I hear ya on bad choices = feeling badly - not guilty. I am looking forward to the calm of the New Year and renewing my verve with weights! Would be too much to take on right now, so, it's a New Year thing...but not a resolution. :)