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Monday, March 28, 2011

Being accountable

I feel that since I have been able to eat everything and anything I have reverted back to old ways. I can eat I mean bread, big pieces of meat pasta, rice, cereal need I say more. So i am sooo scared of gaining back the weight. So as of this morning. I am going to be sticking to a high protein, veggie meal plan and less carb plan.. Not a diet just a way of eating.. What I eat today let see:
Breaky an Ideal protein banana pudding
lunch rotisserie chicken about 1 cup full with a low fat caesar salad and ice water
snack a protein bar
supper broiled sole with spinach salad feta and low cal greek feta dressing
snack after power walk with the dogs of another protein bar

Total calories 1100 calories

I also went into the health food store and purchased
a whole foods multi vitamin
omega 3 6 9
digestive enzymes
calcium magnesium

and a sleeping aid product..

So tomorrow what do we get to eat.

Breaky ideal protein drink
snack cucumbers vinegar and sea salt
lunch spinach feta salad with a chicken breast
snack protein bar
supper hmmmm i think I am un-decided at this point. I would love me some bbq salmon
snack for after walk a protein shake

I will be going for another walk again tomorrow until I can conquer the we go up. Once I can do it without feeling like I am dyeing I will go further up the hill.. Man I hate exercise..

PS My big american bull dog is so out of shape I thought I was bad but seriously she is way bad. LOL. I was dragging her up the hill.. LOL

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