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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lap-Band moment of truth

I have had a very busy week... I had a fill on wednesday so I am up to 1.5 cc and feel nothing. LOL.. I am just really focused on moving slowly.. I am hoping for 1 cc or possibly 2 ccs next cause dang I can eat everything. And I mean everything, last night I had half a beef dip for supper and could have eat the whole thing but I gave the other half away so that I would not eat it....

Also this week we applied for a mortgage and just found out this morning that we are approved so we went in this morning and put in an offer on our dream house.. I am feeling sooo nervous about this and not sure about much on how this all works so hopefully we have somebody between the lawyer, realtor or banker telling us ok now you need to do this.. LOL.. They have until monday to accept our offer. I am freaking out. We could be moving by May 1 St. I hate moving but this is our first home we have boughten so we will be staying there a long time..

Also this week I did a filmed interview for Lap-bands moment of truth campaign. From what I understand it will be a clip for where I had my surgery completed to use and depends on how the other filming went across Canada it could possibly be used on tv. Either way I get a copy of the final product which I will be able to link to my blog.. That is soooo exciting.. I felt pretty confident in how the whole process went. WE did it outside at Yale Town down by the water at Vancouver. My hubby got to go in a couple shots with us walking down the walk holding hands..

Started to get back on track with exercise the family and I went for a 3 km walk. I could have went farther but my girls are still sensitive. More so the nipple area. So I headed back early.. We will conquer the 5 km walk and start timing myself to get that done faster each time and then I will be incorporating hikes with hills. I really want to hike the chief this year...

Whats for dinner tonight we are having tacos with ground turkey, and fresh veggies. yummy..

Hope every0ne had a great weekend. WE have the sun shining brightly.. LOVE IT>..


  1. Lots of good stuff happening to you, looking forward to seeing your video.

  2. Your silouette looks marvelous!