Small Goal

My accomplishments with the mean old scale....

Friday, April 1, 2011

Down another pound

I am being brave and uploading me in one of my new bra's after my reduction. Going from a 38 g/h to a 38 d is pretty impressive.. THis is a la senza bra first ever for me... I am actually pretty impressed with picture even though I am standing in my bra..

Slowly my scale is going down again... I need to get back at weighing in once a week now that I am back to eating healthy.. I am sticking to the vitamin thing and keeping my calories in check. I am feeling good. Not good enough to get off the couch today but I will be going out later tonight. I am going to walk down to meet some girls for supper and then go to a meat draw tonight.. It will be fun.. My first meat draw. LOL..

Hope everyone has a great weekend..


  1. Nice bra/boobs haha! Looking great!

  2. You look beautiful...the proportions are very nice!

  3. umm.. I am jealous.. but YOU look GREAT!!

  4. You look great Michelle!! Glad it's over and your feeling better.