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Friday, June 3, 2011

swelling has gone down

So I can eat again. I can still feel somethings slip past the band. I have 3 weeks left for the biggest loser competition we have going to come to an end, can I do it with out the band.... I am not a good dieter can I pull something off for 3 weeks. I really need to get back into walking. I have gotten really out of shape and eating some really rotten crap food... I need to go into the grocery store and stock up on some good healthy meals... Back to juicing and get those vitamins and minerals in..

Having another dilemma. Lol I had braces put on back in Jan 2011 on the top of my teeth and went in on monday for the bottoms. My mouth is hamburger and I can not chew. Not chewing with the band is not an option so hope this bump in the road gets better...

So how many out there have braces and the band, LOL


  1. Oh no! :( I had braces when I was younger and that was bad enough not being able to chew (maybe that's why I got so obese? was worth a shot!) but I can't imagine having them now. It'll get easier, I promise!

  2. Sounds like Protein smoothie time.. hang in there.. each day will get better!!

  3. Hey Michelle,

    I agree with Barbara on the protein smoothies! May I recommend Unjury Protein Powder. My neighbor gave it to me and my son and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Use the recommended amount of scoops and 6 ice cubes with Skim Plus milk. I also threw in a banana and then did banana and strawberries. It was amazing! I wish I stuck with it! I would be doing better! You have to order it online but it will boost your energy level! Good for you on the braces. If you are doing something to make yourself feel better....YOU GO GIRL!!